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Enraged Stoner Crushes 8 Police Cruisers

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crushed police cars

Demian Warner / The Newport Daily Express

A revenge crazed Vermont man drove a farm tractor over 8 police cars right outside the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department on Thursday.

pion mugshot

Pion’s mugshot

Apparently, Mr. Pion was rather disgruntled over his recent arrest for marijuana possession and found himself a tractor to wield.   Pion fled the scene, after crushing the police cars, and the keystone cops came out to see their freshly washed cruisers brutally smooshed.  They didn’t even have a vehicle on-hand to pursue him with.  Despite this, the enraged car crusher was picked up later by police,  only about a mile and a half away from the station.  It seems, you don’t make a very fast getaway by tractor…lol.

I guess you just don’t want to get between some stoners and their beloved weed.