Richard Hatch (Survivor) in Tax Trouble Again

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richard hatch 2011 tax troubles

Will this guy ever learn.  Richard Hatch, the season 1 winner of Survivor, remembered as a crafty player, who made other contestants uncomfortable by hanging out in the buff, is in trouble with the law once again.  Hatch served 3 years for tax evasion already, part of his 2006 sentence required him to refile his 2000 and 2001 tax returns.  He has still failed to do so, putting him in violation of the terms of his supervised release.

After interest and penalties, Hatch is reported to now owe $1.7 million in taxes.  That makes his big 1 million dollar win on Survivor look paltry, and doesn’t even figure in all the legal fees this guy has racked up, as well.  Rather than just throwing this problem child back in jail, the judge is considering more information, but if Richard Hatch doesn’t show some submission soon, he may well be watching his appearance on The Celebrity Apprentice, in prison orange.