Sexy Chairs

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Some are simply suggestive, others are downright racy, but there is no doubt… these are some sexy chairs!
This one is tame enough for use as a conversation piece, but t doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what is going on above these feet, now does it?

sexy chair 2This one is pretty tame.  This sexy chair has hot gams though 😉

sexy chairsWhen you sit here you automatically have a nice derriere. No workouts required.  Not so sure how the guys feel about sitting in these though.  It is almost like cross-dressing…lol.

woman chairCertainly doesn’t look comfortable,  but this chair makes for an interesting conversation piece none the less.

womans legs chairThis is about the most demure of the group, but line a few of these up at your bar and it would look mighty cool. When someone sits in them,  it will sort of look like their legs… which would be especially amusing when a big burly guy is sitting there.

mannequin chairNow she is certainly the raciest of the bunch… doesn’t leave much mystery does it.   If you are a single guy and have this in your apartment, you are bound to have dates flee for the door when they spot her.  I would totally wear those boots though … lol.

Which of these sexy chairs do you like the best?