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Stupid Criminal Caught on Facebook, when He Accepts Victim’s Friend Request

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stupid criminal caught on Facebook

When a man pulled a 27 ” flat screen TV off the wall of the men’s room at Prestige Car Wash and Gas Station, in Taunton, Mass, and walked out the door with it under his shirt, the manager decided to track him down.

The manager, Nicole Telles, looked at the surveillance tapes and saw that the man had gone to the counter and paid for gas with a credit card.  She then found the culprits name off the receipt, and looked him up on Facebook.   Tellas then sent him a friend request.  Guess what.  The stupid criminal accepted.

Tellas looked through his Facebook photos to make sure he was the right guy, then her boss even sent this boob a message offering not to turn him into the police, if he returned the television.  The 20 year old criminal unfriended Tellas, at this point.

The police were thus contacted, and the stupid criminal was arrested.  This guy really shouldn’t reproduce.