Toddler Twins Removed from Charlie Sheen’s Harem by Authorities

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charlie sheen brooke mueller twins

Happier times. Sheen, Mueller & the twins.

Charlie Sheen’s psychotic ramblings have now resulted in the toddler twin boys he had with Brooke Mueller to be removed from his custody by authorities.  Charlie had the 23 month old boys at his residence, where Charlie lives with his two live-in girlfriends , that he calls “The Goddesses”.

Reportedly Sheen threatened, soon to be ex-wife, Brooke with decapitation, if she tried to remove the boys herself (Sheen denies this).  Ms. Mueller proceeded to obtain a restraining order, and authorities acted on it last night.

While Sheen  fully cooperated with authorities in their removal of the boys, he was taped saying, “Tiger blood now drips from my fangs”.

Way to look sane Charlie.

Hopefully this fiasco will all be sorted out in short order, for the sake of those sweet little boys.